Our One Year Anniversary – Taking a Look Back at Our Wedding

Kyle and I just celebrated our one year anniversary this December. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our wedding and share all that made our wedding day perfect! I am going to share all the details that went into our special day and where we found all that we needed to pull it off.


Kyle proposed to me on March 4, 2017 in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Jackson Hole holds a very special place in our hearts and I am so grateful Kyle choose to propose here. He also did an amazing job, because I had zero clue that it was coming – which is what made it so special.


I really wanted to have the ring that Kyle proposed to me, be the ring I had the rest of my life – I didn’t want to replace it or upgrade it. My mom has always had the same ring and I just loved that it was original and a huge part of their love story and I wanted to have the same thing.

I was also really picky and it took me forever to figure out what style of ring I wanted, because I was not in love with many of the popular styles currently. I fell in love with the marquise cut, which has a very vintage style and then paired it with a modern halo. I love my ring because it is very rare to meet anyone else with my same ring cut and style!

Kyle had my ring completely custom made at Wilson Diamonds. It is everything I had ever wanted and Kyle went above and beyond when getting me my dream ring!


The most stressful part about planning a wedding, the dress! It might just be me, but finding a dress was so difficult. I had a few different styles in mind and visited over 10 different bridal shops before I found my dream dress. It ended up being so worth it because I love my dress and have had many girls ask if they can rent it and/or where I got it.

I found my dress (and my veil) at Fantasy Bridal in Murray Utah. Fantasy Bridal has SO many dresses to pick from and they are extremely accommodating. Everyone that works there is really kind and they make you feel so special (which you should feel when wedding dress shopping, if a store doesn’t make you feel this way don’t waste your time – just saying from experience). I told them what I was looking for and it was the first dress she pulled out that was “the one.”

I loved the classic and elegant style of the dress. One of the only things I was really set on having for my wedding dress was a long train and that is exactly what this dress has! The dress was simple, classic, and form fitting which was everything I was looking for. Also the sleeve details were to die for! Also another fun fact, all the buttons on my dress where real (on the sleeves and on my back) and my mom became a pro at buttoning me up, which is saying a lot if you have ever had the experience of trying to button a dress like this!

We added some glitter and some really pretty pearls in my veil, which I was really unsure if I wanted a veil even though I was really in love with a lot of the traditional wedding looks. However, the veil added just a little more glam to my dress and I am really glad I choose to get one.


When planning our wedding Kyle only had one request, and that was to be able to wear a blue suit. Now blue is not really one of my favorite colors, but with Kyle’s amazing blue eyes, a blue suit couldn’t have been more perfect. With that decided I had to figure out colors to go with blue and honestly this was difficult because I really wanted a very minimal wedding in that regard. So although my wedding party wore blue and rose champagne (which was the specific color of the dresses) I had no color but white and greenery at my venue and the rest of my wedding.

I got my bridesmaid dress from Roolee.


For my flowers I wanted to keep it really simple and elegant. I also wasn’t very picky and gave just a general idea to my florist and it turned out way better than I thought it would! The only request that I had was that I wanted a lot of blue thistles. They didn’t disappoint! They then just added a lot of white and slightly pink flowers and some evergreen branches and it was complete. I loved how it turned out and I loved that it was messy, but not a massive ball of craziness if you know what I mean!

For Kyle I wanted him to have some thistles as well and then we just added some slightly pink flowers and some evergreen. I think it turned out well and honestly when it came to the flowers I really wasn’t too worried or picky about the out come. I just wanted simplicity and I think it looked perfect on our wedding day.

For my bridesmaids I just wanted something really simple and neutral, they just had white flowers with some pretty sage and blue ribbons to match the boys. I think it turned out nice, although I think I would have wanted their bouquets to be a bit bigger and messier (like mine) if I could do it all over again.

I used a florist from the Flower Patch. Although their flowers were great I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them because they lost my flowers the day of my first look and it was a big mess. I know it was a fluke, but it caused so much unwanted stress and almost ruined my first look photoshoot because I showed up late and in tears.


The venue was the most stressful part of planning my wedding. I knew that I had always wanted to have my reception in a barn and I had no idea how absolutely difficult this was going to be to find!

The venue was the first thing I did when Kyle and I got engaged. I visited probably over 17 venues with Kyle or my mom. Everywhere we looked we could not find a barn. Then, after about 20 venues visited, we came across The Gala Hideaway.

The venue was in the process of becoming a legal wedding venue with the state when we booked my wedding. This place was everything I was looking for. It was an original barn, turned venue. Half the property was dedicated to horse lessons and the other half to hosting events like weddings. It was full of rustic barn wood and beautiful stain glass windows. It had barn doors and lights strung everywhere. It was spacious and had a kitchen and a beautiful bride room. This was everything I was looking for.

For decorations I wanted simplicity (can you tell there is a theme going on here haha) and I wanted everything to be neutral colors. I had five Christmas trees wrapped in white lights, this was the most important part for me in regards to decorations. I grew up in Oregon and wanted to bring a little piece of home to my Utah wedding. I had white table cloths with burlap table runners. I had white lanterns on the table on top of wood and evergreen garlands. We had scented pinecones, evergreen and lights everywhere to add a cozy feel to the whole thing.

It felt like a winter wonderland. I couldn’t have been happier with the way my venue turned out. The warm lights everywhere made it so cozy and joyful while it snowed outside. It was the perfect atmosphere and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


For food we decided to keep everything simple and we didn’t cater or have a dinner. Being December we decide there was nothing better then hot chocolate and gourmet s’mores! S’mores are my absolute favorite dessert. They taste delicious, they are simple and they hold so many fond memories for me.

My dad helped me build the pilot light boxes for the s’mores. We surrounded the fire with fire proof rocks and put them in gold boxes. We provided different chocolate such as dark, cookies and cream, raspberry and your classic milk chocolate. This is something I wanted at my wedding even when I was a kid dreaming about my wedding day.

For the hot chocolate we had a hot chocolate bar. We had an assortment of hot chocolates including peppermint, dark, white and milk chocolate. We had candy canes you could use to stir and cute mini marshmallows as well. We had real white mugs that everyone could have and it couldn’t have been more perfect with the snow falling outside.


Kyle and I were really blessed when it came to the cake because we have such talented family members! Kyle’s aunt is an amazing and made our cake for us. I am not a huge cake person and just wanted something small and pretty for the cake cutting tradition.

She went above and beyond with my expectations and it even tasted delicious (for the one bite I had haha)! It was a simple two layer chocolate cake. She had the simple rustic theme of my wedding perfectly designed in the cake with white frosting and some cute pinecone decorations. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


The last thing I want to acknowledge about my wedding is obviously the people behind the scenes, my photographer and videographer.

My photographer was Sloan Olivia Photography and she covered a first look photoshoot up in Park City, as well as our wedding day in Salt Lake City Utah. We loved her style and we were really lucky to have her take our pictures for us. Since our wedding she has gone full time, she has tremendously grown in skill and is now a full time photographer.

Our videographer was Cheri Crosby. I believe we were one of her first weddings, first or second. I am not sure if she is still filming weddings as she is planning her own! We were grateful that she was able to capture our first look as well as our wedding day. If you would like to see our first look video, check it out at my youtube channel.

Honestly this wedding was a dream come true, I couldn’t have wanted anything more from that perfect day. I know that I stressed a lot about having the most perfect wedding. The reality is that once the day comes, none of the details matter. All that matters is that I was marrying my best friend. He was going to be by my side for eternity and I really was the luckiest girl in the world.


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